All medium & large size castings weighing from 250 kgs upto 14000 kgs are poured using bottom pouring ladles. There are 15 Ladles in all the 2 units ranging from 250 Kgs to 22,000 Kgs Liquid metal Capacity. The adequate capacity and flexibility in transporting liquid metal to the mold helps in planning to tap only sufficient quantity of metal required for pouring. As pouring weight varies based on casting size and pressure class, a consistent rate of pouring is maintained by using the appropriate ladle to manufacture a clean casting.

To pour Duplex and Gaseous type of materials and Argon Purging facilities in the ladle are provided to inject argon gas into the bottom of ladle. The bottom pour ladles enhance the metal quality, improves the head pressure, and provides a consistent flow rate with minimal air entrapment due to operator variation. Small castings ranging from 5 Kg - 250 Kg in weight are poured using Tea-spout ladle to reduce the rate of pouring to avoid erosion of the mould.